Laser vein removal treats spider veins on the body commonly found on the legs and face. The laser can also treat red spots called hemangiomas.


The YAG laser beam is attracted to the color of the veins and removes the veins without affecting the surrounding skin. The vein is absorbed over a six to eight week period. Many veins can be treated during one session. The vein appears red and swollen for a few hours and then turns a dark purple before it is absorbed. Patients may experience a mild to moderate stinging sensation when the laser pulse is delivered. Treatment time varies depending on the number of the vessels to be treated. A typical treatment session is 20 minutes for the face and 40 minutes for the legs. In many cases, significant improvement is seen in one to two treatments. In some cases, new spider veins may appear and therefore additional treatments may be necessary. Pressure dressings such as ace bandages or support stockings are sometimes recommended for the first week to reduce the bruising. Do not take aspirin products while under treatment. Minimize sun exposure during treatment and always apply 30 SPF sunscreen if you are exposed to the sun between treatments. Although we encourage you to resume normal activities almost immediately, we do ask that you refrain from vigorous activity and prolonged standing for 72 hours after treatment. Also avoid hot baths and hot tubs for 72 hours after treatment.*


Individual results may vary.

Individual results may vary.

Individual results may vary.

Individual results may vary.



"I had a vein on the back of my leg that was the size of a quarter. People would ask me how I bruised my leg. I saw an ad for Dr. Carlson’s laser vein removal…great news…after just one visit, the vein lightened and over a short time totally disappeared! Poof…gone!! The Laser is like magic!! I recommend a visit to demystify the mystery behind the laser for anyone who has spider veins. Dr. Carlson’s treatment made my legs look much younger! Try it…you’re gonna love it!!" - Anonymous


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*Individual results may vary.


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