Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)


A noninvasive procedure to treat hyperpigmentation and discoloration.


IPL is a pulsed light system that is effective for treating hyperpigmentation. Virtually any part of your body with sun and age spots or freckles can be safely treated. The face, chest, shoulders, and arms are the most popular areas for treatment.

The visible light delivered by IPL is selectively absorbed by the pigmented spots on your skin. The heating of the pigmented cells causes them to fade and flake off. No topical anesthetic is required. When the handpiece is placed on your skin, it feels cool and when the pulse of light is delivered you may feel a mild, brief, pinching sensation. Typically, one or two treatments is sufficient to see dramatic results. Additional treatments may be required for very large or dark spots or for densely covered areas.

Immediately following the treatment, the spots may start to darken. You may notice a slight reddening of the surrounding skin. This typically subsides within a couple of hours. Over the course of the next one to three weeks, darkened spots will fade and flake off. It is important to use daily SPF on treated areas and avoid sun exposure.*


Individual results may vary.

Individual results may vary.


"Over the last few years I noticed an increase of age spots and sunspots develop on my face. Pretty much I accepted that these were my ‘new and not-so-improved’ look due to years of basking in the sun with wild abandon. I gave the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment at Lumina (Nancy Carlson) a try hoping to gain even a slightly better younger-looking version of myself. I am not the most fearless patient but my anxieties subsided immediately after the procedure began, realizing that it was going to be easier than I anticipated. Nancy stated the various spots on my face would soon shrink down to a dot and fall off. I didn’t realize I would start seeing results of shirnking by the next day but I did! Over the course of a week hundreds of black miniature dots were showing up on my washcloth and not on my face. My complexion is so much clearer and all I can say is if you are on the fence about IPL just go for it, you’ve got nothing to lose (except the spots). #onlyliveonce" - Anonymous


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*Individual results may vary.

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