Chemical peels are highly recommended in the cosmetic industry to create healthy and radiant skin. Chemical peels exfoliate the skin with specific acids. There are many types of peels ranging from superficial to deep treatments. A licensed skincare professional at LUMINA will help you choose a peel based on your skin type. Depending on the formulation of the peel, it can improve texture, skin tone, pigmentation and blemishes. A light peel may tingle or feel mildly itchy when applied and result in slight redness for one to two days. A deeper peel may feel very “spicy” when administered and result in flaking and redness for up to two weeks. Sunscreen is applied immediately post-peel as the skin becomes more photosensitive. Typically, three to six peels, spaced one month apart, achieve the best effect. Spring is an ideal time to have a peel series as the effects will carry through the summer months when peeling is less acceptable.

Lumina offers two lines of chemical peels, SkinMedica and SkinCeuticals. SkinMedica offers three peels: a light (Illuminize), a medium (Vitalize), and a deep (Rejuvenize). The most popular of these peels at LUMINA is the Vitalize which results in 3-4 days of peeling with minimal redness. SkinCeuticals offers several peels, light, medium, and deep, and each peel addresses a specific skin concern. The MicroPeel Sensitive Solution is ideal for hypersensitive skin and achieves exfoliation and skin turnover without irritation. We call it the “red carpet peel” because it provides such a beautiful glow with no downtime. For patients with acne the MicroPeel Plus 20 or 30 Solutions which contains salicylic acid controls oily skin and breakouts. The Advanced Corrective Peel helps lighten dark spots and melasma.

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