The CO2RE Intima is a CO2 laser treatment for internal and external vaginal rejuvenation. The internal treatment improves painful intercourse, dryness, vaginal tone and support, and bladder symptoms. The external treatment smooths uneven skin, lightens, and tightens the vulva and perineum.


CO2RE Intima is a non-surgical in-office laser procedure to restore vaginal health. CO2RE Intima can be used to treat the vaginal canal, external vulva and labia, and the opening to the vaginal canal. CO2RE Intima uses CO2 laser energy to produce cell turnover, collagen and elastin production, and increased vascularity. Internal treatments are quick and painless and do not require topical anesthetic. Significant improvement in painful intercourse, dryness, and vaginal tone are achieved in three treatments, one month apart. Many women also experience an improvement in bladder symptoms such as incontinence and frequency after a series of internal treatments. External treatments are ideal for sagging skin, pigmentation changes, and atrophy. Topical anesthetic is used prior to external treatments. Clinical studies show a high satisfaction rate with CO2RE Intima treatments and Dr. Carlson has had a 100% satisfaction rate with her treatments. Dr. Carlson has provided gynecologic care for women for over 25 years and that experience, combined with the use of a CO2 laser in the operating room, enables her to provide dramatic and consistent results with this procedure. Patient references are available upon request. LEARN MORE ABOUT CO2RE INTIMA


 "I had suffered from vaginal atrophy for several years. As a breast cancer survivor, the estrogen-based therapies were not an option for me. The pain I experienced during intercourse was excruciating, and none of the vaginal lubricants and moisturizers I tried made a bit of difference. When I first heard about the CO2RE Intima laser treatment, I was hopeful, but skeptical. After the first treatment, I noticed a huge improvement. After three treatments, my sexuality has been completely restored, and I am finally able to experience pain-free and pleasurable intercourse with my husband. The results are simply amazing!" - L.


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